Do we not all hate the struggle of spots on our favourite sofa or chair? It is a never-ending story of cleaning fabrics and never really being successful. It is a waste of time and can easily be avoided by choosing easy to clean fabrics in the first place and avoiding the ones that will be hard to maintain clean and new looking. Here are some fabrics to avoid in a household with children or pets and options that will make life much easier for you.

To begin with, there is Linen, a very sensitive fabric. It can be considered as a fabric with many advantages, but there are a few negative qualities that will cause you difficulties when trying to clean it. Linen will immediately absorb any kind of spills and dirt. It is recommended to wash it regularly which will affect the fabric’s lifespan. It will not be as resistant as other upholstery fabrics and requires a lot of care, especially when trying to avoid wrinkles and creases.

Another example of a hard to maintain fabric at home is Cotton. Even though it might be popular because of its softness and breathability, it is challenging to keep it clean and spotless. Like Linen fabrics, it immediately absorbs spills and dirt. It might even take on any dyes in your clothes, especially pants, that will be transferred over to the upholstery. Those stains will nearly be impossible to get rid of once they are there and will rapidly decrease the duration of your furniture.

Two more examples of upholstery fabrics that we would not recommend when living in a household with children or pets are silk and wool. To begin with, they are both very expensive fabrics and will not be worth it when your furniture is likely to get dirty after a while. The natural fibers of silk wear down really quickly when exposed to a lot of sitting contact. Liquid spills will mostly result in unsightly stains and can only be removed with dry cleaning methods that will often not be strong enough. The same applies to wool which can also only be dry cleaned but that will not show the best results.

Now, that we have talked about fabrics you want to avoid due to their difficult care; we can move on to fabrics that are easy to handle. To begin with, let’s talk about Microfiber. The synthetic fabric doesn’t age as quickly or noticeably as other fabrics and tends to be an affordable option. It is known for its low maintenance and longevity and is often used for high-traffic areas, such as restaurants or public seating areas. It is easy to clean and maintain new looking. Dabbing over the stains and spots with a damp towel and some soapy water will be all you have to do, in order to keep your furniture spotless.

Another option for a suitable upholstery fabric if you are living in a busy household, is leather. It might not be everybody’s favourite and you would not want to choose it for all your furniture, but it is handy to clean and trendy fabric that will not cause you any trouble. Choosing it for only a few pieces that you know will be used a lot and likely to get dirty, will be a great and stylish solution.

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Due to its smooth surface, it will be enough to wipe the fabric with a damp and soapy cloth to remove the spots and stains. Depending on the colour of the leather, it is even stain-resistant and will surprise you with its longevity.
To give you some examples of our fabrics, here are the top three fabrics that will be the easiest to keep clean in a busy household. Our all-time bestsellers will definitely be the French Velvet, Top Velvet and Missouri. Due to their high-quality workmanship and soft surfaces, they will not cause you any trouble, when accidentally spilling your drink. We must not forget about Fuego and Elite Velvet that will bring you pure joy and will surprise you by their longevity and low maintenance.

We hope, we could help you decide what fabrics to choose for your new furniture and which ones you should better avoid.
If you have any questions, let us know in the comments and we will help you with any concerns.

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