Barbara and Eddie Edgar from EDGAR TEXTILES

Edgar Textiles

is a family run company based in Ireland that specialise in providing upholstery fabrics that are ideally suited for decorating your home interior, hotel, restaurant, bar, yacht, caravan, etc. In our offer are also furniture foam and fibre, upholstery accessories and fire retardant service. We operate on the market in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Eddie and Barbara Edgar are passionate and dedicated to providing exceptional fabrics for exceptional people. The highest quality and unique designs are fully adaptable to the preferences of each client.

Our mission

Durability of our fabrics and products and a beautiful range of original designs are features that result in our company strengthening its position in an extremely competitive industry year on year. In order to maintain and grow this position, we continually provide our clients with the most up to date luxurious solutions, maintaining our highest standards and the many advantages of our products.

Our goals

Quality, reliability, modern solutions and personalised customer service are our primary goals. Our fabrics are recognised by a wide range of customers who value our professionalism and the high quality of each product.

Our values

Edgar Textiles is built on value principles that are the basis of every decision we make, both big and small.


Being a customer focused and trustworthy company, we want this value to be immediately felt by our customers, the public and other interested parties whenever they contact us. By taking personal responsibility for each task performed, and keeping the needs and desires of our customers uppermost in our daily duties, we all contribute to achieving success.


Wanting to constantly devote ourselves to our tasks and our development while achieving good results, we approach each client and his expectations individually. Active listening to our customer’s needs, direct communication and mutual respect are fundamental.


We want to provide our clients with most up to date, modern and reliable fabrics, fully adapted to their needs. While we keep well informed on changing trends and technologies, we are always ready to introduce new and innovative ideas so that our customer satisfaction continues to grow and we develop with the times.

Ready to find out more?

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