Blue sofa in the living room – how to match the blue colour to the interior design?

Blue sofa in the living room. Fabric: Top Velvet 2920

A couch at home is a “must-have” – ​​it is the main element of equipment where you can relax, read a book or watch TV, and spend time with family or friends over a cup of aromatic coffee or tea.

If the interior design is dominated by subdued colours, it is the sofa in a rather intense colour that gives the interior character.
Often we choose the colour to add accent in the interior is blue. Due to the fact that the blue colour harmonizes with many other colours.

The blue colour in interior design

Blue is the colour of both the sky and the sea. It is associated with open space and has a calming effect on us, which is why it is ideal for rooms where we go to relax. Blue also introduces a sense of cleanliness and freshness and even lightness. Often the colour blue is also chosen by companies to represent their brand as a sign of trust and confidence. However, in the space of offices, study rooms, as well as youth and children’s rooms, it promotes creative thinking and allows you to focus on work.

Although the blue colour is a cool shade and looks good with this range of colours, however, combined with warmer colours, it will look perfect in modern or loft interiors.

The advantages of a blue couch in the living room

One of the main advantages of the blue sofa in the living room will be its timeless colour that no one will pass by indifferently. The couch is the main element of the living room furnishings, while the blue colour is quite universal, so this combination will look timeless even after many years of use. A blue sofa will liven up the interior, unlike a gray or beige sofa – such colours will affect the arrangement of a consistent and subdued interior, while a blue sofa will attract the eyes of even the most demanding users. If we choose a darker shade of the sofa upholstery, e.g. navy blue, one of the advantages of the furniture will be that it is easy to keep it clean, because darker colours will not show signs of everyday use.

Fabric: Gemstone Sapphire & French Velvet 670

What furniture goes with the blue sofa?

When decorating a living room, a blue sofa can turn out to be the most intense colour of the interior. If you plan to arrange the living room in a minimalist or modern style, it is worth keeping the other elements of the room’s accessories and equipment in a neutral tint. The blue sofa will be perfectly matched by TV cabinets and coffee tables made of glass, metal, as well as wood with a natural grain and colour. For each sofa, it is worth choosing the right pillows, which will not only provide a decorative accent but also affect the comfort of rest. Depending on the effect you want to achieve in the living room, you can choose pillows in the same colour or a different coloru with an interesting pattern or texture.

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