Domestic/Residential Purpose

Upholstery fabrics are a very important element of any interior design. They emphasize its character and fulfil aesthetic functions. They should also be durable, easy to maintain and resistant to light. It is important to choose them in terms of how they will be used.

Upholstery fabrics from our collections are used in the production and renovation of furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, corners, curtains, footstools, etc. The furniture fabrics we offer are distinguished by high quality and a wide range of designs, thanks to which we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

What are the features of our upholstery fabrics?

A wide range of fabrics in subdued or crazier colours, from durable woven to soft velvets and easy-to-clean leathers, can be successfully adapted to any interior. Our upholstery materials will blend in with elegant, modern, and luxurious interiors, as well as traditional or slightly crazier rooms in the boho, vintage or retro style.

Domestic fabrics
domestic fabrics

The upholstery fabrics we offer are distinguished not only by their appearance, but also their durability. Our upholstery fabrics are not afraid of crazy games of children and pets. As a result, furniture upholstered with our fabrics is extremely durable and resistant to dirt, stain, fading, and the passage of time. Due to the careful workmanship, the furniture fabrics remain in perfect condition. That is why you can enjoy your favourite sofa, comfortable armchair, or fashionable curtains for many years.

Among the well-known and popular fabrics, we can distinguish, for example, artificial leather, velvet, woven, flock, wool, knitted fabrics and chenille, etc.

Here are a few of our collections

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