Easy Clean

easy clean

Easy to clean upholstery fabrics

A favorite armchair, a new couch or a bed headboard can be completely destroyed by a moment of inattention. A stain of wine during a party, a drop of pizza ketchup or a random line made with a pen is the nightmare of every owner of upholstered furniture.

They can completely ruin an entire piece of favourite furniture. In some cases, there is nothing else to do but replace the upholstered sofa or armchair. The problem can be solved by using special, easy to clean upholstery fabric.

Modern upholstery fabrics are created especially for such situations. Thanks to technologies such as Easy Clean or water repellent, the furniture fabric become stain-resistant and easy to clean even with water or water with ordinary soap. Tough stains on the upholstery will never be a problem again!

At Edgar Textiles we have many different types of Easy Clean upholstery fabrics. Among them you can find soft and natural-looking, as well as modern, with a delicate shine or slightly harder and more durable. They differ in properties, smoothness and structure. All of them, however, have an outstanding resistance to dirt and are easy to clean.

They are designed specifically for everyday life and busy homes with children. These include, for example Top Velvet and French Velvet. A wide range of colours will allow everyone to find the best furniture fabric for a given arrangement and interior style.

Other advantage of Easy Clean Fabrics is increased resistance to abrasion and peeling. The best upholstery fabrics should serve you for many years, while maintaining the original appearance as long as possible. Also, they don’t absorb liquids so quickly, so with a quick reaction you will be able to easily clean spilled juice, coffee or wine and avoid leaving a trace.

For example, you can choose a fashionable fabric with a delicate sheen in an energetic, intense color. Such a design will work well in a youth room, an eclectic living room or an interior inspired by the pop art style. More subdued shades and simple forms will work in minimalist, Scandinavian arrangements.

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