Foam and Fiber

Our Upholstery Foam & Flexi Fiber Fill will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Upholstery foam and fiber filling are an inseparable element in the production of upholstered furniture, scatter cushions, all kinds of seats, garden furniture, boats, et. Therefore, these products should meet certain parameters. It should easily adapt to the curves of the body, but also return to its original shape when is not in use. We managed to achieve this effect. In our offer, furniture foams and Flexi Fiber fill are produced according to a special formula that provides high flexibility and ventilation

Upholstery foam

Foam is a type of the filling that is most often used by manufacturers of upholstered furniture. Its main advantages are definitely high plasticity and flexibility. Thanks to this, it can be used in almost every model of a sofa, corner or armchair.

When selecting the appropriate upholstery foam, its technical parameters, the place of application of the foam and the individual needs of the customer should be taken into account.

Soft foams are used to fill rarely used places or parts of furniture that are not exposed to frequent pressure, such as: sides of upholstered furniture, headrests, headboards, baby cot protectors, etc. Harder foams can also be used to make the headboard and cover the sides, armrest and backrests of furniture, however, they are most often used to fill the seat, as it is exposed to frequent pressure.

At Edgar Textiles, we have foams of various densities for all kinds of use – sitting foams and for general purpose foam. We successfully supply the furniture industry with blocks of polyurethane foam, sheets and made to size pieces of cushions.

The cutting of upholstery foam offered by our company is carried out with the use of modern and very precise tools. All work takes place on specially adapted machines, which allows us to carry out activities on a very large scale. In order for the cutting of polyurethane foam to be made in accordance with the order, and therefore in specific dimensions, it is necessary to use sharp tools and proven production techniques. The experience gained in recent years and a team of qualified employees allow our company to adapt even to non-standard customer expectations. Each foam cushion can be covered with dacron and netting on request.


Dacron is a soft, highly fluffy product. It is used for furniture upholstery, as well to make as quilting fabrics. It is flexible and very soft. Perfectly fits any shape. It is made from bonded polyester fibre that is most commonly used to produce the plump, rounded look that is most popular in upholstery applications. Wrapped around foam cushions, dacron softens the edges, adding a spongey layer between the foam and the fabric. Aside from producing an attractive finish, dacron wrapping prolongs the life of your foam cushion inserts, as well as limiting the stretching of the fabric. We offer three grades of dacron 1.5oz, 3.5oz and 7oz.

With the dacron you can level any inequalities. It is worth using it as a modeling layer. In this way, your piece of furniture will look impeccable.

Flexi Fiber Fill

Flexi Fiber Fill is made of thin siliconised polyester fibers formed into balls with a diameter of about 0.5 cm.

These fibers have an air channel and are additionally twisted crimped, which provides the product's spaciousness, fluffiness and elasticity. The polyester ball is an unrivalled product that is versatile. It can be used to fill upholstery and bedding pillows, quilts, jackets, lairs, toys, etc. It is all due to high elasticity and resistance to tearing, bending, and abrasion.

Important information is that products with synthetic fillers can be washed in the washing machine. An additional advantage of polyester fillings is their anti-allergic properties, which enables them to be used by vulnerable people.

A polyester Edgar Textiles Flexi Fiber fill balls are made with the use of advanced technology ensure long-term preservation of the original appearance of the stuffed product. Provides high comfort of use thanks to the ability to adjust to the body shape and ensure the greatest possible comfort of use.

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