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Outdoor fabric is great for metamorphoses of a relaxation zone on a patio, sunroom, or garden. Thanks to water resistant, durable textiles, you can completely change the look of old garden furniture, create practical seats, pillows, hammocks, swings, as well as garden or beach accessories such as sunbeds, screens, umbrellas, etc. Good quality outdoor fabrics serve for many seasons, making it pleasant summer days off.

Leader in the sale of garden fabrics in Ireland and United Kingdom

Edgar Textiles has been a leader in the sale of garden fabrics in Ireland and United Kingdom for many seasons. You can find a wide range of materials of various weights and in many interesting designs. Our garden fabric is a guarantee of successful implementations, durability, and a unique visual effect.

Garden fabric should, above all, be extremely practical and easy to clean. Our collections do not require special care and maintenance. They are resistant to any dirt, rain, morning dew, mud, or soil. Which is very useful in weather conditions in Ireland and United Kingdom.

In the garden, we often play with children and animals, eat meals, organize BBQs and meetings with loved ones, so it's easy to get dirty. Good quality fabric for garden furniture will be perfect in such circumstances. To provide them with even better durability for many years, we recommend storing all garden fabric products in a dry place.

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We have a wide range of fabrics in many fashionable colours and interesting, attractive patterns so that you can achieve the effect of exceptional harmony with your surroundings.

Modern garden upholstery fabrics are practical and delight with saturated colours. Especially in summer, in the rays of the sun, colourful patterns add freshness and energy.

Fabrics for garden furniture provide a fantastic opportunity to create tailor-made seats, and pillows, but also tents, swings, deck chairs, umbrellas, screens, stain-resistant tablecloths, picnic mats, covers, curtains and many other useful accessories. Due to their unique properties, outdoor upholstery fabrics are also suitable for pet beds, beach bags, etc. These fabrics are characterised by special stiffness, do not crease and are easy to sew.

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