Andora Bouclé New Trend No 1 in Ireland UK Contract Fabric Upholstery Fabric



93% PES 6% ACR 1% COT


570 g/m2


142 +/- 2cm

Abrasion resistance


Fire resistant

EN1021-1:2014; EN1021-2:2014 (Cig&Match)

Care guidelines


Available colors

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Introducing the Andora Boucle Collection – your premier destination for the latest in upholstery fabrics. With its exceptional quality, unique design, and unparalleled durability, Andora Boucle is setting the standard for contemporary interior design. Now available for purchase in Ireland and the UK, this fabric is poised to revolutionise your home décor experience.

At the heart of Andora collection is its distinctive texture, crafted from intricately woven or knitted bouclé yarns. These looped yarns create a visually stunning surface that’s as soft to the touch as it is eye-catching. But Andora is more than just a feast for the senses – it’s also a testament to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each loop is meticulously crafted to ensure uniformity and consistency, resulting in a fabric that exudes sophistication and elegance.

Weighing in at a substantial 570 grams per square meter, Andora is a heavyweight contender in the world of upholstery fabrics. Its substantial weight lends it an air of luxury and opulence, making it the perfect choice for statement furniture pieces and high-traffic areas alike. Whether you’re upholstering a grand sofa or adding a touch of texture to accent chairs, Andora Bouclé delivers exceptional performance and style.

But Andora Boucle isn’t just about looks – it’s also about durability. With a Martindale abrasion test rating of 100,000 rubs, this fabric is built to withstand the rigors of daily use with ease. From busy family homes to bustling commercial spaces, Andora Bouclé can handle it all. Its robust construction ensures that it retains its beauty and integrity even after years of heavy use, making it an investment in both style and longevity.

In fact, Andora collection is specifically classified as contract fabric for use in high-traffic commercial settings such as pubs, restaurants, and other busy public places. Its durability and resilience make it the ideal choice for environments where wear and tear are a constant concern. Plus, its maintenance is a breeze, allowing you to spend less time worrying about upkeep and more time enjoying your space.

In summary, Andora Bouclé is more than just a fabric – it’s a statement of style and quality. With its luxurious texture, exceptional durability, and versatile design, it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their interior space. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Experience the difference with Andora Bouclé and discover the true meaning of contemporary luxury.

Bouclé fabric is a popular choice among interior designers seeking to achieve a Scandinavian style or minimalistic aesthetic in their projects. Its distinctive texture and calm, neutral colors make it an ideal option for creating interiors characterized by simplicity, elegance, and warmth.

Bouclé’s soft, looped surface adds depth and visual interest to furniture pieces, while its subdued hues complement the understated palette typically found in Scandinavian and minimalist designs.

In Scandinavian interiors, where the emphasis is on clean lines, natural materials, and cozy atmospheres, bouclé fabric offers a perfect balance of texture and comfort. Whether used on upholstery, pillows, or throws, bouclé adds a touch of tactile luxury to spaces, inviting occupants to relax and unwind in style.

Similarly, in minimalistic interiors, where clutter is minimized, and every element serves a purpose, bouclé fabric contributes to an environment of calmness and tranquility.

By incorporating bouclé fabric into their designs, interior designers can create spaces that exude a sense of serenity and sophistication. Whether used sparingly as an accent or more extensively to cover larger surfaces, bouclé fabric enhances the overall ambiance of a room, creating an asylum of calmness and cosiness that resonates with occupants and visitors alike.

In eclectic interiors, where various design elements from different periods and styles are combined harmoniously, bouclé fabric adds a layer of texture and interest.

Andora Collection’s bouclé upholstery seamlessly integrates into eclectic spaces, offering a versatile foundation that bridges the gap between contemporary and traditional aesthetics. Whether used in a sleek, modern setting or a cozy, classic environment, Andora Collection’s bouclé fabric brings a timeless elegance and tactile allure to any interior design scheme.