is a stunning 100% PES upholstery fabric with a generous weight, which covers the furniture with complete grace and refined style.


This collection has a palette of sophisticated neutrals and subdued hues that enhance the traditional and modern aesthetics, which perfectly aligns with both a rustic and contemporary interior scheme. The advantage of this imitation of leather is its water resistance, which makes it much easier to keep it spotless. 30,000 rubs make the Apache collection suitable for both domestic and contract projects that are moderately crowded. This collection has 15 colours and everyone will find the perfect colour for themselves that will match the interior design of their space.

See also the Missouri Collection, which is also an imitation of natural leather and is one of our best-selling fabrics.

As a wholesaler, we only serve trade customers. We encourage you to contact us and an offer with all samples will be sent to you.

Private customers looking for places where you can buy our fabrics, we encourage you to send a message with your location and we will write back the address of our closest stockists.

We supply upholstery fabric and curtain textiles for domestic and contract use in Ireland and UK.



100% PES



320 g/m2



142 +/- 2cm


Abrasion resistance


abrasion resistant

Care guidelines

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