Zig Zag Spring

Zig Zag


60% PES 40% COT


320 g/m2


142 +/- 2cm

Abrasion resistance


Fire resistant

Care guidelines


Available colors

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Zig Zag

Introducing our colourful Zig Zag Collection, where vibrant colors meet dynamic zig-zag patterns for a contemporary touch to your space. Crafted from a blend of 50% PES and 50% cotton, this collection offers a perfect balance of durability and comfort.

The unique zig-zag design is available in a range of vibrant colours that effortlessly complement multiple plain shades, making it versatile for various décor schemes. Choose from our three distinct colourful palettes, each inspired by the seasons:

  1. Autumn: Embrace the warmth of brown and beige tones, reminiscent of falling leaves and cozy evenings.
  2. Cold Winter: Cool blues and greens evoke a serene atmosphere, ideal for creating a calm and tranquil ambiance during the winter months.
  3. Colorful Spring: Bursting with fresh greens, pinks, and oranges, this lively palette brings the vibrancy of spring indoors all year round.

This versatile fabric is suitable for a variety of uses, including:

  • Upholstery: Perfect for reupholstering furniture to add a bold statement piece or a subtle accent.
  • Blinds and Curtains: Create stylish window treatments that enhance natural light and add personality to any room.
  • Scatter Cushions: Easily update your décor with vibrant scatter cushions that complement your existing furnishings.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your furniture, enhance your windows, or add a pop of color with accessories, our colourful  Zig Zag Collection offers style, comfort, and functionality for every corner of your home.

Experience the essence of seasons in every stitch with our Zig Zag Collection.

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