Corduroy Velvet


100% PES



380 g/m2



142 +/- 2cm


Abrasion resistance


abrasion resistant

Care guidelines


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Corduroy Velvet

This contemporary interpretation of Corduroy Velvet is soft to the touch and very durable.

Corduroy is a remarkable upholstery fabric celebrated for its exceptional softness, coziness, and flame-retardant qualities. This unique textile is characterized by its distinctive ribbed pattern, created by woven ridges or cords, which contribute to its plush and velvety feel. The softness of corduroy is unrivaled, making it an ideal choice for upholstery that prioritizes comfort.

The closely spaced ridges in corduroy provide a gentle, cushiony texture that beckons to be touched and felt. When used in furniture upholstery, corduroy infuses a sense of warmth and coziness into any living space. Its inherent softness is perfect for sofas, armchairs, and cushions, where relaxation and comfort are paramount.

Corduroy’s flame-retardant properties make it not only soft and cozy but also safe for use in home furnishings. Whether inherently designed or treated to resist the spread of flames, corduroy adds an extra layer of protection to your living environment, reducing fire hazards and enhancing safety.

The palette of 10 shades includes sophisticated pale neutrals, vibrant blues, greens and pink colours and dramatically deep greys. This furniture fabric will work in all upholstered projects, large sofa sets or small footstools, as well as can be used for curtains, beds or small decorative elements such as scatter cushions. This fabric is also of great interest in the production of toys due to its fluffy structure. This collection is wonderfully combined with our Top Velvet collection which has a similar color scheme and is easy to clean.

In summary, corduroy upholstery fabric stands out for its exceptional softness, coziness, and flame-retardant qualities. Its ribbed pattern and plush texture create an inviting ambiance, making it an excellent choice for comfortable and stylish furniture upholstery. Moreover, its flame-resistant features provide peace of mind and added safety to your home decor, making corduroy a top choice for those seeking both comfort and security in their interior design.