Zenith 3 Taupe



100% PES


450 g/m2


142 +/- 2cm

Abrasion resistance


Fire resistant

BS EN 1021-1:2014

BS EN 1021-2:2014

(Cig + Match)

Care guidelines


Available colors

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Introducing Zenith: Your Ultimate Chenille Fabric Choice

Looking for the perfect upholstery fabric that seamlessly blends durability, style, and functionality? Look no further than Zenith, our latest chenille fabric collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Zenith offers unmatched durability, making it ideal for both domestic and commercial projects.

With an impressive Martindale rub count of 100,000, Zenith stands the test of time, ensuring longevity even in high-traffic areas. Its chenille construction not only enhances its durability but also adds a luxurious texture that elevates any interior space.

One of the standout features of Zenith is its water-resistant properties. Say goodbye to worrying about spills and stains as Zenith’s innovative design ensures that liquids are repelled, preventing absorption and making cleanup a breeze. Perfect for busy households and bustling public spaces, Zenith offers peace of mind without compromising on style.

Versatility is key with Zenith. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, Zenith effortlessly complements any interior style. Its plush texture adds a cozy ambiance to any room, inviting you to relax and unwind in comfort.

Available in a wide range of colours, Zenith allows you to express your unique style and creativity. Whether you opt for timeless neutrals or bold statement hues, Zenith’s colour options ensure that there’s something for every design scheme.

Zenith is not just a fabric—it’s a game-changer for upholstery projects. With its chenille construction, durability, water-resistant properties, and versatile design, Zenith offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. Elevate your space with Zenith and experience the ultimate in comfort, durability, and style.

Chenille fabric is a luxurious and versatile choice for upholstery, offering a plethora of benefits that make it worth considering for any interior design project. Known for its softness, durability, and plush texture, chenille fabric adds a touch of elegance and comfort to any space.

One of the key advantages of Zenith chenille fabric is its exceptional softness. The name “chenille” itself is derived from the French word for “caterpillar,” which aptly describes the fabric’s fuzzy and velvety texture. This softness not only enhances the comfort of furniture upholstered in chenille but also adds a cozy ambiance to any room.

In addition to its softness, chenille fabric is highly durable, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. The tightly woven construction of chenille fabric ensures that it can withstand everyday wear and tear, including spills, stains, and frequent use, without compromising its appearance or quality.

Furthermore, chenille fabric is available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs, allowing for endless possibilities in terms of style and customization. Whether you prefer classic neutrals, vibrant hues, or intricate patterns, there’s a chenille fabric to suit every taste and design aesthetic.

Overall, chenille fabric offers a perfect combination of comfort, durability, and style, making it a smart choice for upholstery projects in any home or commercial setting.

When selecting contract fabric, durability and performance are paramount. Zenith collection stands out as the ideal choice, meeting the stringent requirements of contract settings.

With its robust construction and remarkable durability, Zenith fabric excels in high-traffic areas, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Its water-resistant feature and resistance to spills make it a practical solution for busy commercial spaces.

Moreover, Zenith’s versatile design options and plush texture elevate the aesthetic appeal of any contract project, offering both style and functionality. Trust Zenith collection to deliver unparalleled performance and enduring elegance in hospitality, healthcare, and corporate environments.