Velvet is a fabric that is quite often used by home textile designers. Why? Because it is so soft and pleasant to the touch, and the sewn velvet cushions bring associations with the plush mascot. Because of its unusual softness and appearance as well as its high cost of production, velvet has often been associated with nobility. With velvet accessories in the interior, you will easily get a cosy and warm atmosphere. On the other hand – light gloss and highly saturated colours, typical for velvet, give the room a refined character.

Picture; Lost Weekend Interior Design

I think that few people are aware of several practical advantages of velvet fabrics. And it is worth noting that these fabrics are very easy to clean, and not only from spilt drinks, but also from dust and hair, which will work at home allergy and pet fans. I know from experience that to clean them, simply wipe with a damp cloth, run a clothes roller or vacuum. Dust and hair deposit on the fabric and do not stick to it, making it easy to remove.

Soft to the touch and refreshing on the eyes. A velvet that can quench your thist for luxurity.

~Darsi Hoersch

In the past, a velvet sofa and shimmering textiles were associated with the palace style, but now velvet is more versatile. You can combine it with elegant accessories in gold, chrome or copper, as well as simple furniture made of wood or metal. Velvet equipment and accessories can enhance the classic character of the interior or, on the contrary – you can use them to liven up a modern arrangement. Here are some suggestions that will inspire you to use velvet in your home

Fashion for velvet furniture is a trend that, contrary to appearances, can suit many styles. If you like such fabrics, fitting furniture or accessories from these fabrics depends on you and what effect you want to achieve. And in this topic you can go crazy – from strong and contrasting combinations and colours, through subdued and delicate materials that warm the interior, to create a base from them for numerous patterns and textures of other materials in the home. The great advantage of a cushion, sofa, headboard or velvet corner is pleasant to the touch and soft texture and easy cleaning.

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