Why you should choose Easy Clean upholstery fabric from Edgar Textiles?

Finding the right upholstery fabric can be difficult since there are so many different options on the market. However, in recent years technology has evolved immensely, and now one of the top upholstery fabric types comes in the form of Easy Clean fabric. But what is the Easy Clean fabric and why is Edgar Textiles number one supplier in Ireland and the UK offering it? Let’s find out!

Easy Clean by Edgar Textiles Fabric Supplier Ireland

What is Easy Clean fabric?

Easy Clean fabrics are an extraordinary innovation in the fabric world. As the name suggests, these fabrics are very easy to clean, you just need a wet cloth and some water. There’s no need to worry about using the detergent over and over to eliminate stains. The Easy Clean fabric is designed to make it much easier to care for, and that helps save plenty of time, while avoiding any headaches and mainly not damaging the fabric.

What makes the Easy Clean fabric tech unique is that it covers the entire part of the fiber. It helps prevent stains and dirt from entering the fabric while keeping it clean. On top of that, the Easy Clean fabric is also water repellent, which prevents the liquid from penetrating deep into the fibre

Is the Easy Clean fabric useful?

Absolutely, Easy Clean fabrics are great for any upholstery products used by kids, but also adults. It helps you prevent any major fabric damage or stains, which is always a major plus. Then there’s also the fact that Easy Clean fabrics are also pet-safe, but also safe for the environment as well. No dangerous chemicals are used during the manufacturing process, and that is very important, especially for environmentally-focused individuals! They are OEKO-Tex certified.


As you can see, Easy Clean upholstery fabric is incredible, and it comes with exceptional features. If you want great upholstery fabric that’s water-repellant and also very easy to clean, then the Easy Clean fabric is certainly the best option to keep in mind. You can get your own Easy Clean fabric from Edgar Textiles today, number one supplier in Ireland and the UK. It’s a great idea to avail the opportunity and use one of the best, most incredible fabric types on the market.

Get your own Easy Clean upholstery fabric today, only from Edgar Textiles!

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